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Welcome to NADA., Leicester’s first and currently only zero waste, plastic free bulk store.

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Located in the beautiful and iconic St. Martin’s Square in Leicester City Centre (opposite the delectable St.Martin’s Coffee Roasters). NADA is accessible easily by bus, train, car and pedestrian access. Parking nearby.



At NADA we sell a huge range of sustainable food items ranging from seeds, flours, pasta, nuts, vegan chocolate, cereals and spices - as well as loads more. All stock is sourced as locally as possible to reduce the emissions from long-distance haulage. We offer click and collect.

What else?

Zero waste is more than the food we buy, and we know the imporance and barriers to adopting this life style.To assist, we have a huge range of cosmetics, feminine products, water bottles and loads more. As well as cleaning products and detergents.

Our vision

Frustrated with limited options for plastic free shopping I began to research alternatives for my family and I.

A popular suggestion from many Europeans and Americans was ‘bulk bins’ whereby you bring your own container and take what you need for well, bins! Only buying what you need saves on food waste, but also means no needless single-use packaging. A quick search told me there was none near me, so I decided to open my own!

Thanks to Eat Food Love, where it all started in Totnes Devon. (These guys have it nailed).

Bulk shopping

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We buy in bulk so you can have a choice of great, sustainable, organic and vegan foods. Our range is always growing and we aim to stock from local sources to deliver you freshness and a guarantee and to reduce the emissions caused by long distance haluage.

Lauren Welch, is taking Leicester’s plastic reduction to the next level
I bought half a jar of pistachio nuts (...) they were tasty, fresh and I didn’t feel like I was in a rush of a supermarket as you usually feel when you’re out shopping for groceries...
Both brilliant and totally necessary
— BBC Leicester
A fundamental change in how people in Leicester will be able to buy groceries and goods.
— Leicester Mercury

We get that looking your best is important, but we’re also very aware of the harmful impact that the testing and production of cosmetics can have on the environment and wildlife. Here at NADA we are proud of our range of sustainable, ethical cosmetic products.


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Becoming zero waste makes you realise just how much of what we use on a daily basis just gets thrown away. At NADA we have everything you need to live a more sustainable lifestyle; from soap metal and wooden straws, bamboo toothbrushes and cutlery, water bottles and beautiful razors - probably the last razor you’ll ever buy.

About the owner

Lauren is a Leicester born mother to Penelope. Having studied fine art and worked with at risk youths, she was able to combine her passion to making a difference with her commitment to planning for a sustainable future. NADA is completely independent and family run.

In its first 4 months, Lauren won the Sustainabilty Award at the Leicester Business Woman of the year awards.


5 St. Martin’s Walk, Leicester, LE1 5DG


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