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Why open the store?

Upon looking for ways to become more plastic free and eliminate single use plastics from our lives. I started to research this and one popular suggestion from many Europeans and Americans was ‘bulk bins’. Buying in this way eliminates the use of plastics as you bring your own container and also saves on food waste as you only have to purchase what you want to use and not be left with a bag of produce you may never use again languishing in the back of your cupboard. This idea sounded great but access to this way of shopping near me was non existent. So, I decided to open my own!Being massively inspired by Zero Waste Food Shops all around the country such as Eat Food Love. Where it all started in Totnes Devon. (These guys have it nailed).

But honestly, we all saw the BBC documentary Blue Planet and were all inspired to make a change. I have long been aware of the harm that we have been doing to our planet and have always strived to reuse and recycle where I can. But now it’s time to do something and start to make tiny changes to earth.The amount of single use and non-recyclable packing in supermarkets is shocking and although major companies have signed a seven year pledge to reduce this.